• Jakub Gabco

SQUARES - 2D Rubick's cube

What is Squares

Squares is a simple puzzle game with thematics of Rubik's cube puzzle - but without real-life cube. The game has more than 600 relaxing puzzle levels with beautiful flat graphics. The gameplay is very simple - by swiping rows or columns player matches the desired pattern. The number of cells in the puzzle are different, and they are based on difficulty levels of the app! You can relax with easy levels or you can challenge yourself and improve your logic with harder ones.

Squares will be released by the end of 2019. If you are interested in early access, please contact me!


Monetization strategy

Monetization is based mainly on ads, the ad can be shown after opening the main menu or after starting/finishing the level There is a time limit cap for ad and it can be shown only after 1 minute from the last one.

Rewarded ads are there only to get in-game coins(1 coin for the rewarded ad). Another monetization option is IAP for buying in-game coins. You can buy 100 coins for 1 €, 500 for 5 € and 1000 for 10 €. In-game coins are there to skip levels or buy new ones. DLC cost 500 coins. The player can get rid of ads by purchasing the ad-free version for 1 €.

Future plans

After the release, I am planning to work on the level editor, where players can create new level designs. There will be a gallery of other players in the game and the best of them could be featured in the puzzle of the day section. I will create 2 more DLCs(insane and character).

Level editor

The player can buy level editor for 500 coins. After the purchasing player will be able to create own levels(free level editor will only allow 1 level). User will choose grid size. After that, the user will be able to click cells and assign custom colour or colour that is already in the grid. Once finished creating, the player can use our shuffling algorithm or he can shuffle level as he wishes. The level will be saved on his device and once he decides to publish it will be available to other users as well. He can then share it via a deep link URL. Levels created in the level editor will be used in daily level(if the user is connected to the internet).

Insane DLC

Is 33 easy levels, 33 medium levels and 33 hard levels. These levels will be chosen wisely by me. The key part of this DLC is that you need to the finish level in the max number of moves. The cost of the DLC will be 500 coins.

Character DLC

The levels will be bigger and they will be pixel art. The cost of the DLC will be 500 coins.

Release plan

Game is currently in closed Alpha release. I am planning to release Squares as soon as possible. Currently, the game is prepared for release and it's in the testing phase, where I fix or change small things in order to have a smooth release. On the other side, I am reaching publishers.

How game works

The game is simple, you just need to match the pattern with the image shown above you play grid. You are swiping columns or rows like in Rubick's cube. Example: Let's say row is XYZ when you swipe to left <-- it will be YZX if you swipe to the right it will be ZXY. Let's see in a video:

Promo video